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We live in Aspen, CO and Vancouver, WA.  My husband, Rick Crandall, is involved in many business ventures which give me the time to enjoy, show and breed my dogs.  We have two adult sons.


I adopted my first Aussie in early 2000 after waiting nearly a year for her. We named her Emme and her boundless energy told me that she needed more of a playmate than I had time to offer. Misha arrived shortly after that. Emme became my first champion. It was quite clear that Emme preferred hiking to conformation and was quite adept at 14ers (climbing to 14,000 feet with my husband). She found the show ring a bore in comparison. We decided to see if she liked motherhood any better. Emme was bred to Ch. Ryba’s Tom Foolery and produced 5 beautiful puppies. Her daughter, Tory, became my first bred by Champion and I also finished Emme’s son, Hunter, very quickly. Hunter’s offspring, Brando, received a group placement (2006) carrying on the family name on both sides of his pedigree. Tory produced two beautiful female pups, Posh and Ellie (2007). She had one more litter producing, Rocky, Lizzie and Kiwi (2008). Rocky may well be the first male Aussie to finish his championship in the US with a natural (undocked) tail! Kiwi is also a champion. Misha developed subluxated patellas and allergies, which is why I am such an advocate for healthy dogs. The first time I heard her do a reverse sneeze I was so frightened and thought she would die. I knew she wasn’t going to be part of my breeding program. She has a wonderful home with a dear friend in Aspen.

I decided to get a male dog. My friend and mentor Tom Stallings helped me to select, “Tucker,” BISS Ch. Nessun Dorma. Tucker has always been my “heart” dog. Perhaps it’s from all the shows we’ve done together, all the miles traveled and the sights we’ve seen, but we are forever bonded. His most important championship is the one of my heart. He is currently the first and one of just three Aussies to have won the big three, Westminster, Eukanuba and the National Specialty. (Our dog Alfie was the second dog to accomplish this!) Tucker went Best of Breed at Westminster (twice), Eukanuba (once) and the National Specialty (once). He is the 3rd winningest Aussie of the millennium!!!! My love for showing motivated me to look for another male dog to show after Tucker retired.

Along came little Alfie. His quick brain had us all in stitches and he won everyone’s heart. Beautiful as he was funny, determined and so full of life. Gabriel Rangel had great success with Alfie.  Alfie received Best of Breed at The World Show of Mexico, 2007. He won the breed at Westminster once, the only time he went, Eukanuba once and the National Specialty, twice. I had the good fortune of having breeders entrust me with showing their puppies. Summit, Lenny and Ringo all came to me around Thanksgiving 2006. All three finished and received their championships.

I got Indy in January 2009 and he also completed his championship.I imported Ringo from Finland, BISS GCH Black Firefly, with the hopes of bringing new bloodlines into the US. He was one of the top ten in the breed to win his Grand Championship. He also won the National Specialty as a two year old. He has produced several outstanding litters. I have seen my dogs’ temperaments change drastically and Ringo still sleeps in my bed with his almost 3-year-old son, Rocky, without trying to destroy him. I can run all my dogs together now without incident. That’s a big accomplishment.


In 2010 I founded Australian Terrier International. It was the first time all countries were linked together to unite the breeders and assist the pet owners for the good of the breed. Although it has been a massive undertaking, the work is rewarding.  So many people are benefiting both in the US and abroad. I am also the editor of the Australian Terrier International Newsletter. Money raised goes to Canine Health Foundation a 501(c)3. ATI is most concerned with the education of Aussie owners and the health of our beloved breed. Please visit www.AustralianTerrierInternational.org.  I am a current member and served two years on the Board of Australian Terrier Club of America (ATCA). I was chairman of Ways and Means. I am a member of the Australian Terrier Club of Colorado (ATCC). I served as Treasurer and Newsletter editor. I am also a member of the Roaring Fork Kennel Club and the Rocky Mountain All Terrier Club.

In my non-dog life, I have served on the Board of The Aspen Art Museum (6 years), The Aspen Santa Fe Ballet (6 years), and I am a Founder and Board member of ACIH, Aspen Center for Integral Health (10 years). I’ve enjoyed the company of dogs since my childhood and was raised with a Cocker Spaniel and a Wirehaired Fox Terrier. As an adult, I’ve shared my life with an Irish Setter, an English Mastiff and I bred my first litter in 1989, the beautiful Abby, my Bichon Frise. For several years I had a small and select breeding program for cats. I bred Somalis, Maine Coons and Bengals. I’ve owned, shown and trained horses in dressage. Those experiences have been an asset in my exhibition and breeding of dogs. My dogs have brought so much to my life, not only in their companionship but in the friends I have made because of them. I am trying to reciprocate by giving back to the breed. In this quest I have made Australian Terrier health my focus. To view my dog Emme’s contributions to CHF and Spay/Neuter programs please visit the health challenge page and Emme’s Hiking page.   Emme is 11 years old and going strong.


I could not imagine my life without my Aussies who bring me so much joy. For me, they are the perfect breed. They have fabulous personalities, they are very smart and they love to hike and they keep me on my toes. If you are new to the Aussie breed and have questions please feel free to contact me. Looking for a puppy or a retired champion, please contact me. We have puppies occasionally. If you need help finding your next Aussie, I am more than willing to assist you so that you can enjoy this wonderful breed.To learn more about each dog please visit my dogs’ personal pages. I hope enjoy your visit to my site.Please visit us here often as things are always happening and I hope to have lots of updates on my dogs & their careers.

Pamela Levy

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